Wood pellet burners

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Wood pellet burners from 600 to 1000 kW

From 600 to 1000 kW

Advanced automatic cleaning system

To ensure a even more efficient and performing combustion over time.

Pellet Ash

Termocabi’s wood pellet burners from 600 to 1000 kW are equipped with an advanced automatic cleaning system. The system is based on high pressure air.

The compressed air is channelled by air diffusers located inside the burner. The high pressure flow of air removes the ash collected on the gasification grill. The ash is therefore blown out of the burner into the boiler. This mechanism ensures the burner is kept clean and it maintains good combustion outputs over time.

Independent regulation of primary and secondary air

To optimize even more the efficiency of the burner and the combustion

regulation primary and secondary air

The 600 kW and 1000 kW burners are equipped with shutters for the regulation of the primary and secondary air.


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Technical Specs

Technical specsi