"Burners for wood pellet, agripellet, and other Biomass and Biofuels"

Quality solutions for house-owners and for the industry

Wood Pellet Burners

Wood pellet burner SPL200 200 Kw power

Find out more about our pellet burners line. 11 high quality, highly efficient, high reliability burners, with power range from 25 to 1000 kW.

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What is pellet ?

 Wood pellet Wood pellet represents an ecologically friendly alternative to traditional energy sources such as natural gas, oil and GPL.

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Agripellet Burners

Agripellet burner 200 kW SPL Biomass Active

Find out more about the agripellet burner line. Suitable for a wide range of biomass products, available in a power range from 25 to 1000 kW.

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What's agripellet?

agripelletAgripellet is an alternative solid biofuel obtained from farming waste. The application of this biomass allows for reuse of a wasted product as a source of energy.

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  • Specialized in the production of biomass burners
  • Constant innovation and research ;
  • More than 10 years ofexperience in the field ;
  • Highly reliable product on the market for several years;
  • Wide range of products from 25 to 1000 kW for a total of 24 unique burners ;
  • 3 lines of products specialized for different types of biomass;
  • Burners commercialized in more than 17 countries ;
  • Europan certification EN15270
  • Quality Focus .