Wood pellet burners


Advantages of our Burner

Some of the advantages that make stand out Termocabi’s burners.

Quality of the material and manufacturing procedures

Stainless steal resistant to high temperature


Termocabi’s products are made with high quality materials and manufacture with care and an innovative design for a long life span.


Product present and tested on the market since 2002

Our burners have been tested on several types of boiler from several boiler manufacturers, nationally and internationally. The combination boiler and burner have been tested by certification institutes and were awarded with EN303.5 with optimal efficiency. Termocabi’s burner are present on the market since 2002.

installation of a agripellet burner

Long life span of the burner

Build to last


Each single component in the final product design is he result of years of research and experience. We put a great deal of care in the manufacturing procedure to ensure a long life span of the product and high performances. After 10 years of production, the spare parts market still cover only about 3% of the total year turnover. This is an index of the reliability and resistance of the product.

Burners power graph

Multi-stadium regulation

5 power levels for a fine regulation of the burner

The burner can modulate its power on 5 different power lever. It is also possible to set the burner to work with a dual-stadium or in a simple ON/OFF version.

Easy to use

Control panel easy to use for all models

Control panel icon

The control panel has been studied to be easy to use for both the installed and the final costumer. Each Termocabi’s burner applies the same control interface so that the installer doesn’t have to re-learn how to use each single model. This design, not only keeps things simple, but also it considerably reduces the spare parts stock.

Fast ignition

The flame quickly reaches full power

Traditional biomass systems are characterized by high latency periods: the system takes a long time to reach the desired temperature from the moment we had the initial “request”. Termocabi’s systems are fast and responsive and can quickly reach full power offering a stable and performing flame. The quality of the flame is the result of years of study on the combustion dynamics and it can be observed in the regular shape and the strong radiance.

Flame of the agripellet burner

Made in Italy

Entirely Manufactured in Italy

icona bandiera italia

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Research and development

Innovation is the core of our company

At Termocabi we costantly invest in the research of improvement of our products. We have a large range of 24 unique product and we are placed on the market as a leading business in the area.

Research and development
Test control panel on burner

Designed for densified biomass

Pellet has a long list of advantages compared to simple wood or wood-chip.

icon pellet hands
Find out more about the advantages of pelle

Repurposing of existing boilers

Repurposing existing installation working with tradition fuels such as natural gas, oil, gpl, wood to wood pellet without replacing the boiler.

Savings on your heating bill

1 euro

Save 30% on your gasbill;

Save 60-70% on your olibill;

Save 60-70% on your GPLbill.


Termocabi’s burners can be adapted for different type of applications:

Hot water generators

pellet how water furnace

How air generators

Hot air furnace

Steam generators

Steam furnace

Application on bread oven

pellet bread oven


Pellet driers

Installation repurposing

from gas, oil, GPL, wood to wood pellet

transformation 35kw