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Assembling a wood pellet burner

The quality of our products, as well as our continuous success in creating new technologies and developing new ideas are the key elements that distinguish our brand.The SPL burner was developed specifically for wood pellet combustion. The first prototype was designed in 2000 when the pellet market was still very new. Large-­scale production began in 2002 after patenting, and this product has since been improved and brought to high standards of reliability, quality and efficiency. New add-­ons and components have been developed in the following years making it completely automatic and easy to use. The burner is designed to produce a horizontal flame, as with a normal oil burner. The customer can therefore remove their old oil burner and replace it with the new SPL burner -­‐ saving the cost of replacing the entire system. The SPL burner is available for domestic use in a wide range of powers, from 12.5 kW to 65 kW. The burner was tested by DBI-­GTI Gastechnologisches Institute in Germany and it obtained the European certification EN15270 for energetic efficiency and low gas emission. The SPL is also available for industrial and large-­‐scale plants, reaching powers up to 1000 kW.

In recent years, we have received several requests for the usage of an increased variety of biomass sources -­‐ in particular, agripellets (i.e., pellets produced from farming discards). The opportunity of recycling farming waste and converting it into pellet to be used as source of energy is appealing. However, the natural diversity of the biomass that comprises agripellets results in a heterogeneous chemical composition, rich in minerals. Combustion of agripellets therefore yields higher quantities of ash which tend to obstruct the burner. Wood combustion typically produces less than 1% of ash (i.e., 1kg of ash for every 100kg of wood) whereas agripellets can produce as much as 10%.

After years of study, Termocabi’s research team has developed an innovative product specifically designed to handle the high ash content produced during agripellet combustion.SPL Biomass Active the solution for dealing with low-­‐quality biomass. The considerable success of this product was followed by requests for burners of increased capacity, pushing Termocabi’s technology up to 1 MW burners. This is just one example of how we adhere to our principles of high quality and progressive design -­‐ catering directly to consumer demand in development of new products.

At the 2010 “Progetto Fuoco” expo in Verona, Italy, Termocabi unveiled a new innovative burner: the LD Biomass Active. This burner was designed to actively remove the ashes generated during combustion -­‐ substantially reducing the frequency of required cleaning cycles. The LD Biomass Active can be mounted on normal boilers not specifically designed for ash extraction, which saves the consumer from installing an entirely new system.

At Termocabi we strive to make renewable energy products more efficient, powerful and accessible, thus supporting both the consumer and the environment.

Assembling line of biomass burners