Wood pellet burners

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Wood pellet burner line: 25, 30, 35, 50, 65, 100 kW

From 25 to 100 kW

Europan Certification EN15270 for high quality and efficiency

European certification EN15270

Certification for high quality, efficiency and low emissions

Termocabi’s wood pellet burners from 25 to 65 kW were certified by the german institute DBI Gastechnologisches Institut. The certification report clearly show the high efficiency of the burners with low CO values. The dust emission are minumum, according with the best scenario (class 5) of the certification En15270.

Download the EN15270 certification reports:

Automatic cleaning kit

to keep the combustion efficient and performing in time

Pellet ash

Termocabi’s wood pellet burners from 25 to 100 kW can be equipped with an automatic cleaning kit. The kit works with compressed air and it keeps the burner clean.

The compressed air flow is channeled by the air diffusers, located inside the nozzle. The air flows at high speed and removes the ash collected on the gasification grill, inside the burner. As a result, the burner is kept clean, the combustion maintains high efficiency values and its performance.

Control pane; of the Termocabi burner

Control panel of the burner

Two different versions to meet your needs

Version with integrated control panel for the burner or control panel mounted on the boiler for regulation of the domestic hot water.

Integrated control panel

Control panel mounted on top burner

  • It’s a more economical solution than the version with the control panel to be mounted on the boiler.

Solution for the application of the burner on existing boilers that do not require the control panel to regulate the hot water because already regulated by the system already in place. It is necessary to use the manual security thermostat of the boiler (the thermostat can be applied on demand).


1) Combustion system WITHOUT automatic cleaning

2)Combustion system WITH automatic cleaning

Control panel on the boiler

Control panel model mounted on the boiler

  • Solution for the creation of the a complete furnace;
  • Control panel for the regulation of the heating and hot water;
  • It can be connected to an external programmable thermostat to regulated the room temperature.

Solution with control panel designed for the regulation of the burner as well as the regulation of the hot water the circuit pumps. It is equipped with a manual security thermostat.


1) Combustion system WITHOUT automatic cleaning

2) Combustion system WITh automatic cleaning


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Technical specs

Techical specs