Wood pellet burners

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Pellet burners from 200 to 350 kW

From 200 to 350 kW

Wood pellet burner SPL 200 from 200 kW

Burner main features

  • Nozzle in special stainless steal resistant to high temperature;
  • Gasification grill in stainless steal resistant to high temperature;
  • Air diffusers made in stainless steal;
  • Pellet loading tube;
  • Air fan and high power motor fan;
  • Pressure sensor to constantly monitor the pressure in the combustion chamber;
  • Security thermostat to monitor the temperature on the loading tube;
  • Connectors for easily connect the electrical power to the control panel;
  • Connectors for interfacing burner/control panel;
  • Advanced automatic cleaning system;
  • Shutters for the regulation of the primary and secondary air;
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icon technical sheet burner SPL200Technical sheet

Burner power range

Min. Power (kW)
Max Power (kW)
SPL200 100 200
SPL300 150 280
SPL350 150 350
Burner power graph from 200 to 350 kw

Burner technical specs

Motor fan
370 W
800 W
Electrical power
230 V, 50 Hz
Wood pellet
Feeding screw engine
180 W(See technical sheet)
Pressure sensor
Temperature sensor on loading tube
Water temperature sensor
Power levels
multi-stadium (5 levels), dual-stadium or on-off
Fleaxible Loading tube
flame proof Certified UL94
Manual security thermostat

Available Accessories

Automatic cleaning system
Compressed air tank
Optional, it is required for the correct operation of the automatic cleaning system
Pellet tank
Available from 120 kg or from 220 kg
Pellet Rotary valve