Agripellet burner

from 600 to 1000 kWTechnical specifications

Agripellet burner, 600 kW


Agripellet burner 600 kW

SPL600A characteristics

  • Nozzle in special stainless steal resistant to high temperature;
  • Gasification grill in stainless steal resistant to high temperature;
  • Air diffusers made in stainless steal;
  • Air fan and high power motor fan;
  • Security pressure sensor to monitor the pressure in the combustion chamber;
  • Security thermostat to monitor the temperature of the loading tube;
  • Easy to use control panel;
  • Double automatic cleaning system of the burner above the gasification grill;
  • Pneumatic cleaning system of the burner below the gasification grill;
  • Mechanical cleaning system of the burner;
  • Manual and independent regulation of the primary and secondary air;

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Technical specifications

Max Power 600 kW
Min. Power 300 kW
Fan motor 650 W
Igniter 1000 W
Electrical power 230 V, 50 Hz
Biomass Agripellet
Feeding screw motor 250 W
Combustion chamber security pressure switch Present
Security temperature probe placed on the loading tube Present
Sanitary water temperature probe Present on models designed for application on water heating boilers
Power level Multi-stage (5 livels), dual-stage, on-off
Flexible pellet loading tube Anti-flame, certified UL94
Security Thermostat Present on models design for application on water heating boilers.


Pellet feeding screw Required
Rotary valve Optional, can be required as a security system based on the installation specifications.
Compressed air tanks Required for the correct operation of the automatic cleaning system
Pellet tank Optional, models available: 120 kg, 220 kg

Agripellet burner 600 kW with all accessories

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